For the past 10 years Jordan Hart has worked at the absolute pinnacle of manufacturing technology with some of the most advanced companies in the world to redefine the limits of creation.

Sinister Cases is the story of taking the relentless pursuit of perfection and applying it to the forefront of human progress, the computer.

While working at disruptive tech startups such as Printmetal and Autodesk, Jordan has always been pushing the boundaries of computers to speed up complex algorithmic calculations.

Years of custom computer building led to the realization that although computer components and software are advancing at a staggering rate, the shell that houses all this progress has remained unchanged for decades. Accustomed to out of the box thinking, it became clear that a paradigm shift in the core aesthetic of the modern PC was long overdue.

Using design and manufacturing skills honed in aerospace, robotics and programming, Jordan deconstructed the computer into its individual components and reconstructed them in a completely unrecognizable state. With skewed angles and design geometry only possible to create on highly advanced machinery, Sinister Cases was born. 

Sinister’s aesthetics are completely unprecedented in the market. Each computer component becomes a prominent element visualized in the build, rather than blending into an obscure assembly in a rectangular box. Not satisfied with stopping there, an emphasis was placed on each builder being able to modify the design to create their own vision.

Thus the first fully modular accessory system in the market was developed. By creating a mounting system on the case, Sinister has given builders the artistic freedom to attach any computer accessory, anywhere, and at any orientation. 

The limits of creativity of the personal computer have been removed. The physical appearance of the pinnacle of human ingenuity can now reflect the nature of the immensely powerful software running within it. Welcome to a new era in computer systems. Welcome to Sinister Cases.