140mm Radiator Mount

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Gain complete freedom in configuring your liquid cooling system. The 140mm Radiator Mount attaches to any of the modular mounting points on the Minimalist computer case, at any angle. It handles the largest radiators on the market without even flexing. You can even mount radiators on either side of the Minimalist for maximum cooling performance. Build your vision with the most innovative mounting system ever created.

  • 100% made in the USA by Master Machinists on 5 axis CNC machines
  • Dual Sided- attaches to left or right of case
  • 28 mounting locations on the Mini ITX Minimalist
  • 42 mounting locations on the Full Size ATX Minimalist
  • Rotational adjustability
  • Pin locking for rock solid holding power
  • ATX and ITX Minimalist Cases
  • 140mm Radiators
  • 140mm Fans
  • PC components with 124.5mm x 124.5mm bolt pattern
  • All Modular Connectors

Size - 7” x 6” x 0.5”

Weight - 0.6 lbs

  • 140mm Radiator Mount
  • 3 Modular Connectors (Lengths: 2”, 3”, 4”)
  • All necessary hardware to assemble including tools

Assemble with ease


Build Your Vision 

Level up

Uncompromising Customizability

Sinister Cases has taken years to develop the only modular component mounting system in the pc market. The result is the ability to mount any PC component, anywhere you want, and at any angle.

Distinguish Yourself

Stand apart from the crowd with our exclusive aesthetic. Nothing else comes close.


Is it hard to build?

No. Putting together the case is incredibly simple. Being an open case, it's easier to build than enclosed cases. Check out the assembly guides to see for yourself.

What is required for liquid cooling?

That depends on the components you choose. If you're using an AIO system (All In One) all you need is a radiator mount. For a custom loop a pump mount will also be required. Note that our radiator mounts will also fit many flat pumps and distribution plates.

Does it need to be liquid cooled?

The minimalist does not need to be liquid cooled. The case can be built as simple as an air cooled CPU with no GPU. It can also be outfitted with a full custom liquid cooling loop and multiple modular mounted GPUs.

Are there any size or weight limitations on radiators?

No. This mount is incredibly strong, it locks into place with pins. The heaviest 480mm radiators do not even come close to stressing this case. One modular mount could easily support the weight of an entire computer.

Can I run multiple radiators?

Yes, you can add as many radiators as your system will support. There are no hardware limitations.

Do you offer custom finishes?

Custom finishes are available on request.