Full Size ATX Minimalist

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Introducing the culmination of divergent thinking, meticulous engineering and uncompromising manufacturing. Cut from solid metal on machines more commonly found making jet engines by renowned Master Machinist Jordan Hart, the Minimalist is on a completely different level. Welcome to a new era in computer systems.

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  • 100% made in the USA by Master Machinists on 5 axis CNC machines
  • Exclusive aesthetics impossible to create with conventional PC case manufacturing methods
  • Unprecedented mirror finish
  • 8 Modular accessories for customizing every aspect of your build
  • 42 Modular accessory mounting locations
  • Quality inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process
  • ATX Motherboards
  • ATX Power Supplies
  • All GPUs
  • 120mm Radiators*
  • 140mm Radiators*
  • Components with 105mm bolt patterns (standard 120mm fan bolt pattern)*
  • Components with 124.5mm bolt patterns (standard 140mm fan bolt pattern)*
  • DDC pumps*
  • D5 Pumps*
  • Elecrow 5" LCD Screen*

* with optional accessory

Size - 18" x 18" x 20"

Weight - 12 Ibs

  • Full Size ATX Minimalist computer case
  • All necessary hardware to assemble the case including tools
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Microfiber gloves for assembly

Assemble with ease

Our assembly guides take the guesswork out of building your pc

Build Your Vision 

Level up

In Pursuit of Perfection

Under the command of Master Machinist Jordan Hart, Sinister Cases exemplifies machining excellence. The Minimalist literally splits light into iridescent rainbows with its mirror surface finish.

Design your Masterpiece

Differentiate yourself with the exclusive aesthetic of Sinister Cases. The Minimalist transforms your computer into a visual work of art, rather than an obscure assembly in a rectangular box.


Is it hard to build?

No. Putting together the case is incredibly simple. Being an open case, it's easier to build than enclosed cases. Check out the assembly guides to see for yourself.

What is required for liquid cooling?

That depends on the components you choose. If you're using an AIO system (All In One) all you need is a radiator mount. For a custom loop a pump mount will also be required. Note that our radiator mounts will also fit many flat pumps and distribution plates.

Does it need to be liquid cooled?

The minimalist does not need to be liquid cooled. The case can be built as simple as an air cooled CPU with no GPU. It can also be outfitted with a full custom liquid cooling loop and multiple modular mounted GPUs.

Are there any size or weight limitations on components?

No. This case is incredibly strong, and all modular mounts lock into place with pins. The heaviest components such as rtx4090 GPUs and 480mm radiators do not even come close to stressing this case. One modular mount could easily support the weight of an entire computer.

Can I run multiple GPUs and Radiators?

Yes. You can add as many GPUs and Radiators as your system will support. There are no hardware limitations.

Are there any component compatibility limitations?

No. This case has been designed to handle all modern pc components. There are no size interferences as it is an open case.

What size Power Supply does it use?

The ATX Minimalist uses ATX power supplies.

What size Motherboard does it use?

The ATX Minimalist uses ATX Motherboards.

Do you offer custom finishes?

Custom finishes are available on request.