the ultimate mini ITX case

ITX Minimalist 

The Ultimate ATX case

ATX Minimalist 

  • the ultimate mini ITX case

    ITX Minimalist 

  • The Ultimate ATX case

    ATX Minimalist 

  • Distinguish Yourself

    Stand apart from the crowd with our exclusive aesthetic. Nothing else comes close.

  • Experience Precision

    Made in the USA by Master Machinist Jordan Hart on the most advanced machinery on the planet.

  • Build your Vision

    Utilize the first modular accessory system in the market to choose the perfect location and orientation of your components.


The time of perfecting every aspect of your build just to put it in a rectangular box is over.


Crafting Elegance

Uncompromising Customizability

Sinister Cases has taken years to develop the only modular component mounting system in the pc market. The result is the ability to mount any PC component, anywhere you want, and at any angle.

In Pursuit of Perfection

Under the command of Master Machinist Jordan Hart, Sinister Cases exemplifies excellence. The Minimalist literally splits light into iridescent rainbows with its mirror finish.

Design your Masterpiece

The minimalist transforms your computer into a visual work of art, rather than an obscure assembly in a rectangular box.

  • John @liquidhaus

    Instantly take your PC to the next level with this chassis

  • Ben @ModsbyBen

    When I first saw the case, I was blown away by the quality and finish. What stood out to me is how well the design is executed. Whoever chooses this case will have a statement piece in their space. I highly recommend this product because it was thoughtfully designed and is very unique. You cannot get the look of this case anywhere else.

  • Aaron Sorenson

    Sinister cases should be proud of the detail that have put into this product. You can tell they care about the manufacturing process.